Sweet E-liquid Flavors that will Let You Have Both Cigarette and Dessert at Once

The best advantage of using e-cigarette is the endless variety of e-liquid flavors that tobacco cannot bring. Among the most popular ones are the dessert e-liquid flavors. Many people crave for cigarettes just as much as they crave for sweets and desserts. With dessert-flavored e-cigarettes, people get the best of the whole sweet smoking experience.


When it comes to the best desserts, chocolate tops the list. Many e-cigarette companies offer chocolate flavor recreated into vapor. Halo Cigs, for example, offers Shamrock flavor. This flavor is filled with dark chocolate blended with Corsican Mint. Another flavor they offer is Belgian Cocoa, for a purely sweet chocolate flavor.


Another company, VaporFi eCigarettes, offers flavors of common treats for the sweet tooth. Fascinating flavors include Marshmallow, Tutti Frutti Gumballs, Bubble Gum, Very Vanilla, Yummy Gummy, Dulce de Leche, Carnival Cotton Candy, Totally Toffee and Sinfully Cinnamon.


While there are chocolates and common sweets, there are also extraordinary dessert flavors. ECBlend Flavors has a long list of unique dessert flavors, most of which are certainly unheard of.  Also, the company offers some desserts with the blend of fruits, pies and cakes.


One good example is the Blue Honey, described as the flavor of fresh blueberries drenched in honey. Another is Fuddy Duddy, mixed flavors of peanut butter, banana and chocolate. There is also the Fire and Ice flavor, known to bring out an intense cooling effect.

ECBlend bestsellers include Dragon’s Dream and French Vanilla, known for their unusual names and effects. Aside from these, there are the flavors Cookies and Cream, Gingerbread, Waffle Manila, Wintergreen and many more.

One of the main reasons people choose e-cigarettes is to help them quit real smoking, and of course its cheaper compared to traditional cigarettes. Just remember to shop from stores like Slickvapes.com who offers deals that are right on the budget.

Extraordinary flavors offer people wider choices and a completely different smoking experience, helping them rid of smoking real tobacco. Moreover, consuming actual sweets and desserts can lead to gain weight. E-liquid flavors can bring almost the same level of satisfaction without the sugar and calories, even if it’s just in sweet vapor version.